Contract Manufacturing

We strive to serve our customers’ needs by constantly improving our production. The manually operated machines from the 1970s have been lost to history, to be replaced by modern 5-axis, multitasking machines and partly robotized production. This makes it possible for us to provide a comprehensive range of machining services,, from shafts to V-belt pulleys and demanding geared components.

Our business idea is to supply our contract customers a finished product or assembly. We source materials and surface finishing through our comprehensive supplier network, so that the customer can get a finished product from one supplier and with minimal effort.

MFG’s machining services:

  • Turning and machining up to 1000 mm diameter
  • External and internal gearing
  • Keyways up to 100 mm width
  • NDT inspected components (penetrating fluid and magnetic powder testing)
  • 5-axis machining
  • Small serial production with robots and workpiece changers


MFG is a specialist in internal and external gearing...
Tohmajärvi workshop has been the chosen partner...